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"Mongol Made" project will implement the "Green Office program"

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The Green Orbit Standard Systems NGO is implementing a "Green Office Program" for organizations to help mitigate climate change and reduce global warming.

The signing ceremony of the agreement to introduce the Green Office program

Today, September 29, 2021, we signed an agreement with B.Solongo, the founder and CEO of Mongol Made, to implement the Green Office program at the Mongol Made project office.

Aiming to meet 50 percent of the country's soap needs and provide jobs for 1,000 women, Mongol Made has agreed to turn its project headquarters into a Green Office through the Green Office Program, which is environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to climate change.

The "Mongol Made" project has joined the global campaign to reduce global warming.

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