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Environmental risk assessment training

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

"Online training on environmental risk assessment" organized for "Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC" specialists.

Learning to conduct environmental risk assessments internally has many benefits, such as continuous improvement of environmental performance, prevention of potential risks, and staff development.

Based on our experience and case studies in implementing the ISO14001: 2015 standard in the heavy industry, construction, and service sectors, we have combined theoretical, and practical training in environmental risk assessment provided by the training.

Student feedback

Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC

Senior Environmental Specialist

T. Batzaya

As a team, we received training from D.Undral Consultant on risk assessment and green office assessment.

I am very excited about the training. This is because D.Undral is a young and modern professional with specialized experience in the field, so the training was a combination of theory and practice. D.Undral included many examples in his training that can be directly applied to our work. It was clear that the importance of standards and the practical implementation of standards were explained in simple terms.

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