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Corporate green procurement training

The concept of green procurement and green procurement activities, which are reflected in the Sustainable Development Goal 12, which promotes responsible consumption, are widely used in other countries.

is being implemented.

This is reflected in our Green Growth Policy.

In support of our Green Growth Policy, we have developed guidelines on how to procure green for organizations, schools and kindergartens, and each of the principles of green procurement in a detailed, clear and illustrated manner.


As part of this handbook, we have developed a training program on how businesses, schools and kindergartens can incorporate green procurement into their operations.

The training is conducted electronically, on a bespoke basis, at the request of organizations, schools and kindergartens.

Training advantages:

- Training materials on how to make green purchases according to the specifics of any organization and examples that can be implemented in Mongolia.

- A qualified teacher manages the training.

- Provides free feedback to alumni.

- Certificates will be issued to all graduates.

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