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Green Office Program
to reduce greenhouse gases in the Workplace

Green office program

Due to the climate change that the world is facing, every country is moving towards sustainable and green development, and with the transition, the business outlook is changing. 

In line with this, organizations integrate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) into their operations and create sustainable entrepreneurship.

Our organization is adopting the "Green Office Program" to organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the workplace. This program is adopting for organizations according to international standards, depending on the characteristics and activities of the organization.

Implementing a Green Office program in the organization, there are many advantages:

  • Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at the organizational level

  • Investors' compliance with the trends of other interested parties

  • Increase in business value

  • The current costs of the organization will be saved

  • Employee attitudes become positive, productivity increases, etc

Please contact us for more information.

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The Mongol-made project has been officially transmitted Green office program.

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