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Training for an environmental specialists

The specifics of this training for an environmental specialist are what kind of environmental work is carried out at any business entity or organization within the framework of the current set of environmental legislation in Mongolia
How are these environmental documents compiled?
An example of what environmental work is done is a case study that combines theory and practice.
The training provides an understanding of the double ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System standard.


The training is open to individuals, organizations, and other stakeholders, in addition to staff and professionals who are just starting out as environmental specialists.

The training is conducted electronically, on a bespoke basis, at the request of the organization.

Training advantages:

- Systematic training program.

- Based on experience and case studies in mining, construction and heavy industry in the field of environmental protection and environmental documentation includes a combination of theory, practice, and practice.

- A qualified teacher manages the training.

- Provides free feedback to alumni.

- Certificates will be issued to all graduates.

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