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Environmental risk assessment training

An environmental risk assessment is an important step in the effective implementation of mitigation activities in order for an organization to mitigate its adverse effects on the environment.


Environmental risk assessment training content:

  1. Basic concepts of ISO14001 Environmental Management System standard

  2. Basic concepts of ISO31000 Risk Management Guidelines

  3. Methodology for estimating environmental risks based on the above two standards     

The training is conducted electronically, on a bespoke basis, at the request of the organization.

Training advantages:

- Systematic training program.

- Based on the experience and case study of ISO14001: 2015 standard in heavy industry, construction, and service sectors, the training combines theoretical, practical, and practical environmental risk assessment.

- A qualified teacher manages the training.

- Provides free feedback to alumni.

- Certificates will be issued to all graduates.

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Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC

Senior Environmental Specialist

T. Batzaya

As a team, Undral asked the consultant for a risk assessment and green
received training on office evaluation.

I am very excited about the training. This is because the young professionals of the new era, who have specialized experience in the field, have combined theory and practice, and have included many examples in their materials that can be directly applied in their work.  

It was clear that the importance of standards and the practical implementation of standards was explained in simple terms.

In addition, the source of the cited information must be mentioned, which is an example of the value of training materials
that is.

Student feedback

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